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Our world of railways is changing, so as those of any other industrial sector!


More and more European railway operators are looking for qualified rolling stock suppliers outside their own borders, as well as more and more European rolling stock producers are looking for qualified producers of components outside their own borders.

But very often the physical distance between suppliers and customers is a great problem, even in our modern times with the new technologies as Internet, e-mail and others, which in any case cannot substitute the personal contact.


So, why not looking for an European representative, familiar with the market situation and knowing the actors of this market?


You know this kind of problems:

- Why is our export share so low?

- Why do sales not tackle new markets?

- Why does nobody care to expand our activities?


… and so on!


In most of these cases the unsatisfying answer is the limitation of personal resources. Why not looking for an independent consultant for outsourcing boring and time intensive activities?

A more than 30 years long experience in an important European industrial context, first in the steel industry (ThyssenKrupp), later in the railway industry Costaferroviaria / Rail Services International) induces me to offer my collaboration to those companies looking to get closer to the European market, maybe even by opening an own liaison office in Europe, or those ones in Europe who are looking for new offshore markets.


My operational base is located in a strategic point: the centre of Europe I reach nearly every European site in max 2 flight hours. That makes me close to nearly every important potential customer, … probably much more closer than you could be, especially for all those companies situated in the Asiatic or Middle East Area:


That means less time and less costs!


So I am looking forward to a collaboration with you, characterized by mutual satisfaction.


Heinz O. H. Kastner




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